Deicatessen Products

117 – 119 Buccleuch Street
Edinburgh EH8 9NG
Tel:- 0131 667 0400

Delicatessen Products:

We make a mouth watering range of 4 Tropical Fruit Jams and 1 Fruit Cheese Jam.

What do they taste like?

The Passion Fruit has a very strong fruity flavour; Banana and Passion Fruit is more mellow with the natural sweetness of the Banana combining perfectly with the sharpness of the Passion Fruit. The Caja is a variety of plum and tastes like an exotic tangerine; Cupuacu, an Amazonian fruit, has a zingy exotic flavour to it.

The Maracuja (Passion Fruit) is the Great Taste Awards Gold Medal Winner 2004 and Reserve Scottish Speciality 2004.The Banana and Passion Fruit won Gold in 2005 and the Caja, Bronze in the same year.

The jams are made to order in small batches ensuring that the highest quality standards are maintained.

The Passion Fruit Cheese Jam can be used in baguette fillings, with biscuits, eaten on its own with a white cheese or used as a covering on cakes.

We have a long list of Deli products …

Guarana Antartica
Guarana Arrebite (stimulant. Probably the strongest Guarana in the country!)
Dende Oil (Palm Oil)
Feijao Preto (Black Beans)
Farinha de Mandioca (Manioc Flour)
Polvilho Azedo e Doce (Sweet and Sour Tapioca Flour)
Harina Pan (Venezuelan Corn Flour)
Goiabada (Guava Paste)
Chourico (Portuguese Pork Sausage)

We make a variety of delicious Tropical Fruit Ice Creams…

Passion Fruit,
and Cupuacu.

These come in 2 Litre size tubs – cones & small size tubs 120ml and 500ml are available year round to purchase from the deli counter. (Other varieties are made to order)