Exotic Fruit Pulps

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Our exotic Brazilian frozen fruit pulps!

Instructions for use on each box. Learn more about Acai and natural fruit powders and get inspired by our delicious recipes!

Graviola (Soursop) – rich in fibre & vitamins B1 & C

Manga (Mango) – very rich in vitamins A&C – excellent source of fibre

Cupuacu (Patashte) – energiser, rich in phosphorous

Acerola (Barbados cherry) – 80 times more vitamin C than an orange

Maracuja (Passion fruit) – very rich in fibre, iron and vitamin C

Cacau (Cocoa) – energiser – rich in calcium, phosphorous & iron. Very rich in vitamin B1

Goiaba (Guava) – extremely rich in vitamin C

Caju (Cashew Apple) – extremely rich in vitamin C

Acai (Acaí palm berry) – energiser, anti-oxidants, omegas 6&9, rich in calcium, iron & vitamin B1

Caja (Hog Plum) – very rich in vitamin C

Mamao (Papaya) – rich in papain, Calcium & vitamins A,B,C

Umbu (Brazil plum)– rich in calcium, iron & vitamin B1. Very rich in fibre